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First Security Trust & Savings Bank




Safe Deposit

First Security Safe Deposit Co. was established January 19, 1957 and has been a part of First Security Trust and Savings Bank ever since.

Products offered are as follows:

Box Size** Annual Rental Fee*
2 x 5 $18.00
4 x 5 $25.00
2 x10 $40.00
5 x10 $65.00
10 x 10 $125.00


A 20% discount can be achieved by having your annual rental payment directly debited from any checking/savings account at First Security Trust and Savings Bank.


Key Deposit $10.00
Drilling Fee $100.00

All past due rentals will be charged a monthly late charge fee, equal to 10% of the annual rental according to the original price of your safe deposit box.

a delinquent safe deposit box will be drilled for non-payment, according to the time designated in your contract.

*rates subject to change without notice.

**not all safe deposit boxes are available at all times.

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