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First Security Trust & Savings Bank



Service Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.


Telephone Transfer Fee  $2.00
Check Printing - Harland/Clarke & Deluxe Chk Orders  fee depends on style ordered
Bank Money Orders  $3.00
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Rolled coin (customers only)  $0.05 per roll
Loose coin counted (over $100.00 not deposited)  1% of total
Garnishments  $125.00
Levies  $125.00
Checks deposited returned unpaid  $7.50 per item
     Paid Item Fee  $30.00 per item
     Returned Item Fee  $30.00 per item
     Automatic Transfer Fee  $15.00 per occurrence
Overdraft fees apply to transactions created by check, in-person withdrawal, internal transfer,bank fees, or other electronic means. Overdraft fees will not be imposed on ATM withdrawals or one-time debit card items.
Consecutive Day ODFee (assessed after the 5th consecutive day overdrawn) $5.00 per day
Inactive Account Fee - Checking (assessed after 6 months of non activity) $5.00 per month
Inactive Account Fee - Savings (assessed after 12 month of non activity) $5.00 per month
Dormant Account Fee- Checking (assessed after 12 months of non activity) $10.00 per month
Dormant Account Fee- Savings (assessed after 36 months of non activity) $10.00 per month
Statement reconciliation (up to 3 months prior)  $25.00 per hour ($25.00  minimum)
Account Research  $25.00 per hour ($25.00  minimum)
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 per item
Charge to reopen checking account $2.00
Endorsement stamps fee depends on style and size ordered
Installment contract $10.00 per payment
Immigration letters $10.00
Verification of balance letters $10.00
Night depository bag (lock with 2 keys) $25.00
Foreign drafts $20.00
Incoming wire transfer  
     Domestic $10.00
     Foreign $15.00
Outgoing wire transfer  
     Domestic $25.00
     Foreign $50.00
Check cashing (non customer) $5.00




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